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North American customers can buy our books via Chelsea Green Publishing
Australian customers can buy a selection of our books via Peribo

3 Foot One Man Cross Cut Saw


Antares Copper Fork


Auva Copper Spade


Chillington Double-Headed Mini Hoe


Chillington Set Three Small Digging Hoes


Chillington Standard Hoes


Economy Scythe Set (With E European Peening Jig)


Hotbin Composter


Hydra Swing Copper Hoe


Lynx Hand Saws


Orion Copper Spade


Sirius Copper Hoe


The Basic Beginner's Scythe Kit (without Peening equipment)


The Freehand Scythe Set (With bar peen anvil)


The Superior Peening Scythe Set (with table anvil)