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People & Permaculture is the first dedicated book on peoplecare that explores how to use permaculture to restore personal, social and planetary well-being. 

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People & Permaculture is a powerful, hands-on guide that will help you to:

Enhance your well-being with profoundly effective tools for self-care and regenerative thinking 

Improve the dynamics and well-being of your relationships, family, groups and communities with simple and creative methods

Empower yourself with over 50 practical activities

Create spirals of health, real wealth and abundance

Forge a wider vision for all of our social systems

Explore how to expand our feelings of connection across the globe

Learn about permaculture; a potent blend of common sense, magic and design

Discover the Design Web, a versatile framework for initiating positive change in any aspect of life

Connect with a bigger vision of possibility for yourself and humanity

This is the first book to explore how to use permaculture design and principles for people. It widens the definition of permaculture and takes it right into the heart of our own lives, relationships and society. It provides a clear framework and guidance for both experienced permaculturists and people completely new to permaculture, and indeed for anyone who wishes to live a more creative, abundant life.

Full of stories, interviews, personal anecdotes and practical exercises with tried and tested, step by step techniques. People & Permaculture is a pioneering guide to creating a positive and regenerative world.

“Looby Macnamara speaks with luminous clarity, lean eloquence and an exquisite knowledge of systems. Her opening chapters on ‘thinking like an ecosystem’ should be required reading in every classroom from third grade to graduate school.” 

Joanna Macy, author, originator and teacher of The Work That Reconnects


Book title People and Permaculture
Author Looby Macnamara
ISBN 9781856230872
Binding Paperback

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