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The Woodland Year is an intimate account of Ben’s yearly cycle of work, his naturally attuned lifestyle and deep emersion in the very fabric of the nature of his woods.

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A month-by-month journey through Ben Law's woodland in the Sussex Weald.

This a celebration of every aspect of sustainable woodland management; the cycles of nature, the seasonal tasks, wild food gathering, wine making, useful recipes, coppice crafts, round pole timber frame eco-building, nature conservation, species diversity, tree profiles and using horses for woodland work.

There are also sections by 12 guest woodlanders. This is a profound book that is both practical and poetic. It lyrically describes a way of life that is both economically and ecologically viable and sets a new standard for managing our woods in a low impact, sustainable way. As such, it holds some of the fundamental keys to how we can achieve a lower carbon society.

Book title The Woodland Year
Author Ben Law
ISBN 9781856233316
Page count 192
Binding Hardback

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