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Permaculture magazine #120 – single issue


Permaculture magazine – earth care, people care, future care

This leading environmental magazine gets to the heart of permaculture and sustainable living internationally. It features practical thought provoking articles on organic gardening, sustainable agriculture, agroforestry, climate change, peak oil, ecovillages, alternative technology, eco-architecture, personal and community development and much more. Packed with informative articles, reader's solutions, DIY designs, news, book, tool and product reviews, letters, classifieds and details of a wide range of related courses. Published quarterly. A4. 88pp.

Published 30/04/2024

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Could you Survive on Weeds?
What happens to your health when you only eat wild food? Mo Wilde took on a 12-month challenge.

Sansai: Let food be your medicine
Alan Carter explores the healing world of Japanese mountain vegetables that can easily be grown in your garden.

How Community Connections Boost Our Health
Food is far more than calories and nutrition. Lucy Aphramor explains why healthy social relationships and social justice play a vital role.

Agroforesty Can Feed Us
Finally, agroforestry is being taken seriously. David Wolfe takes us on a tour of six successful farms.

Holistic Landscape Restoration
Tom Lovett and Lily Maxwell-Lwin outline the principles of healing damaged ecosystems and how this might look in practice, exploring three very different projects.

What if Women Designed the City?
May East explores the ‘20-minute city’ concept, where our daily needs and recreation are within walking distance, helping to reduce carbon footprints while creating vibrant communities.

Think Differently with Permaculture
Looby Macnamara explores how to harness permaculture thinking every day to help you design everything from small household projects to ambitious, creative endeavours.

The Permaculture District Councillor
In May 2023 Jane Elliott was one of 201 new Green Councillors elected in the local elections in the UK. She describes how the values and principles of permaculture have helped to shape her work in the first year.

Are Air Source Heat Pumps Always a Viable Option?
Chris Dixon tells us more.

Thrutopia: Permacultures of Meaning and Purpose
In her fifth article, bestselling author Manda Scott suggests how we can emerge from a culture of trauma into a culture of transformation and connection.

The Art of Growing Corn
Sweet corn, popcorn, flour... this ancient crop can be a versatile companion in the garden. Vera Greutink offers expert advice for getting the best results.

Breed Worms Like a Pro
Homesteader Laurence Manchee started small but now worms are an important part of his permaculture income stream.

Repairing the Water Cycle and Promoting Solutions
Floods and droughts are our inevitable future as our global climate unravels. Andrew Zionts, Joanna Crowson and Jorge Gallardo describe how they are transforming a dry and scorched valley into a place of ‘green water’, sequestering carbon and improving the local climate. Incredible work!

Growing and Eating Medlars
Popular in the Middle East, medlars grow well in colder climates and are beautiful trees, says Jane Steward.

Grow Veg in any Space
Charles & Perrine-Hervé Gruyer, from world-renowned Bec Hellouin Farm, share their tops tips for growing an abundance of fresh and nutritious ‘mini veg’ for homegrowers and market gardeners.

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