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Fertile Edges

Maddy Harland


Maddy Harland explores the rise of permaculture globally, from its origins in Australia in the 1970s to its current activities in over 170 countries worldwide, and describes the positive developments of this global movement and the huge potential it has yet to achieve. This narrative is contextualised by significant events like wars, disasters, deforestation, rising sea levels, the threat to the Gulf Stream, 9/11, Occupy, the rise of Trump, Brexit and climate denial.

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Amid a wealth of permaculture’s solutions and the ecocide of ‘business as usual’, Maddy interfaces practical permaculture and global transformation with deep ecology. This is a potent and entertaining cocktail. She writes of regenerative culture, earth restoration and social permaculture, long before they become core permaculture ideas and practices. Her deep connectivity with the natural and human worlds – a love for the changing of the seasons, of landscapes and species – and all that our differing cultures and spirits have to offer one another add another dimension of heart to this book.

"Permaculture Magazine International has served the good cause of caring for the land and for the people for 25 years under Maddy's editorship and leadership. Her editorials have been outstanding. I always read and enjoy them. Maddy's thoughts and words are timely, inspiring and filled with wisdom. I am delighted to know that these editorials have now been brought together in a book. It is a wonderful gift. May the permaculture movement go from strength to strength and may this book reach many thousands of hands!"

Satish Kumar, author, peace activist and Emeritus Editor of Resurgence & Ecologist magazine

"Maddy Harland's regular columns have, in turn, offered inspiration, a shoulder to cry on, rousing calls to arms, space to mourn and lament, and signposts to stories to sustain an activist's heart. They are essential reading for many. Gathered in one place, they offer a fascinating history of the development of permaculture, its ups and downs, its breakthroughs and its epiphanies. To have them gathered in one place is a joy. Give yourself a treat, and swim in their deep, wild waters."

Rob Hopkins, co-founder of Transition Network, author of The Power of Just Doing Stuff

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ISBN 9781856233095
Size 148 x 210mm
Page extent 176

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