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This full colour book explains the permaculture design process and is based on course worksheets that have been designed, refined and tested on students over time. If you already have a basic knowledge of permaculture, from either reading another book or attending a course, then this guide is probably just what you need to build on your prior knowledge and put it into practical application.

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While it includes the ethics, principles and philosophies, Permaculture Design: a step-by-step guide places them directly into the context of the design process.

It also provides clarity about where different tools and techniques can be effectively applied in the overall scheme of things.

Includes sections on: systems and patterns, design frame-works, land based design and beyond, working as part of a design team, site surveying and mapping, client interviews, working with large client groups, identifying functions and setting goals, choosing systems and elements, placement and integration, different design formats, implementation and maintenance planning, presenting your ideas to clients.

Book title Permaculture Design: a step-by-step guide
Author Aranya
ISBN 9781856230919
Page count 208
Binding Paperback

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