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The Hotbin composter creates the right conditions to make composting easy. Compost 100% of your domestic food waste and garden clippings simply and easily and produces high quality weed free compost.  Please allow up to 14 working days for delivery.


UK ONLY - additional shipping fees for islands, highlands etc.Not shipped to the Channel Islands

Please note - Highlands of Scotland include counties: Angus, Aberdeenshire, Moray.

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The Hotbin Mini is a slimline hot composter designed for smaller gardens and for keen composters who have less waste. Half the volume of the Hotbin Mk.2, the Mini is a 100 litre unit which benefits from all of the features on the Mk.2 model but on a smaller scale.

• Reaches 40-60°C for fast and effective composting
• Composts all food and garden waste
• Produces compost quickly – mulching in 30 days and general purpose in 90
• Compact – the slimline HOTBIN Mini is a better fit for smaller gardens with limited space
• Requires less waste to maintain hot composting temperatures - 2.5kg or 5 litres of waste per week

The great thing that separates this hot composter from traditional composting is that it works all year round. Hotbin Composter with a guide which makes setting up very easy; bulking agent, a little of which is added to cooked food to help it process; a thermometer to check on initial progress (there is another one in the lid); a racking stick to mix the contents; a plastic bottle used as a kick start heater in winter; and straps to secure the lower door. With a hotbin you can quickly reverse how much waste you send to landfill and reward yourself with rich, humeric, weed free, compost every ninety days.

This newer models include:

*The Leachate Collection System, an internal base that funnels the liquid so it can easily be tapped and collected and used as a fertilser. 
*Superior Lid Seal: an improved seal which keeps the lid firmly closed, preventing water from entering and locking in heat.
*Slicker design: Protruding hinge is part of the main structure making the hotbin more streamlined and perfectly square. The aeration mesh now slots into the base.

Size: Height: 112.5cm, Width: 45cm, Depth: 45cm (Requires 53cm depth & 142cm height for the lid to be fully opened.)

Weight: 4kg empty, 18kg when full, Material: Expanded polypropylene, EPP (100% recyclable), Warranty: 3 years. Comes complete with: how to use guide, 25 litre bag of bulking agent, internal thermometer, raking stick, winter ‘kick start’ heater, one cam belt straps, lid thermometer.

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UK ONLY - additional shipping fees for islands, highlands etc.

Please note - Highlands of Scotland include counties: Angus, Aberdeenshire, Moray.

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