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Edible Perennial Gardening
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How to create a low maintenance edible perennial garden with polycultures in small spaces.

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This interesting book is packed full of Anni's favourite tasty edible perennials. With explanations of how to source and propagate different edible plants, which work well together and which are suited to different environments. It includes basic principles and getting started, growing in polycultures, site selection and more.

"This is a valuable addition to the literature on growing perennial vegetables. The author’s experiences of creating and maintaining polycultures are a great guide and inspiration to this challenging aspect of edible perennial gardening."

Martin Crawford, director of the Agroforestry Research Trust and author of Creating a Forest Garden and How To Grow Perennial Vegetables.

"I love Anni’s book. She’s taken traditionally ‘big space’ ideas and approaches and brought them alive on a domestic scale, where most gardeners operate. The bigger picture of redesigning our food system with perennials at its heart underlies, yet it never gets in the way of inspiring and enabling the reader with case studies, examples, advice and experience. A must-have for forward thinking gardeners."

Mark Diacono, experimental gardener, journalist and author of A Year at Otter Farm.

Book title Edible Perennial Gardening: growing successful polycultures in small spaces
Author Anni Kelsey
ISBN 9781856231497
Page count 176
Binding Paperback

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