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Edible Paradise
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Learn how to create your own no dig, organic garden with permaculture design and techniques, including herbs, vegetables and flowers, so your garden is both beautiful and productive.

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Vera’s 15 years of experience as a no dig gardener provides a vast amount of knowledge on growing fruit, vegetables, herbs and flowers. The book is divided into two sections, container gardening and permaculture kitchen gardening. Part One shares knowledge especially useful to urban gardeners and those with little space. Part Two advises on starting and maintaining a garden.

Vera’s speciality is creating beautiful and delicious polycultures and she offers a range of examples to get you started and the knowledge to experiment. She also includes recipes for your fresh harvests. Chapters on making compost, building raised beds, and a monthly job guide make this useful for all levels of gardener.

Vera demonstrates that gardens can look beautiful and be productive, and her advice and examples encourage us to look at our own growing spaces in a different light. We no longer need to hide our veggie patches; they can take centre stage. Why not incorporate cut flowers with herbs, brassicas and peas? Or plant a pottager garden? These examples will help people create edible paradises everywhere, like patios, balconies, windowsills, allotments, community and school gardens, front and back gardens and anywhere else we can grow.

"One quick glance at Vera’s Instagram page will completely back up why this book is called Edible Paradise. That is exactly what she has created on her abundant ¼ acre plot in the Netherlands. I feel that Edible Paradise is a goldmine of knowledge and inspiration for any gardener, with Vera’s voice clearly guiding you through the creativity of growing your own delicious food. It is so refreshing to see the importance of soil health playing a vital role throughout, something which many gardening books fail to fully respect. This book will influence the way you grow food forever, take my word for it." Huw Richards, YouTuber and author

Book title Edible Paradise: How to grow herbs, flowers, and vegetables in any space
Author Vera Greutink
ISBN 9781856233255
Page count 240
Binding Paperback

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