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Around the World in 80 Plants
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From 'extreme salad man' Stephen Barstow, this is a guide across the world's edible perennial vegetables with a sprinkling of recipes. Stephen grows over 2,000 edible perennials in Norwegian garden in the Arctic Circle.

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An inspirational journey around the temperate world, introducing Stephen's top 80 perennial leafy green vegetables.

The reader is introduced to stories of the wild foraging traditions of indigenous people in all continents. It is of interest to both traditional vegetable and even ornamental gardeners, as well as anyone interested in permaculture, forest gardening, foraging, slow-food, gourmet cooking and ethnobotany.

Stephen Barstow presents fascinating and useful information about his top 80 perennial leafy vegetables including lots of historical references, his and others’ recipe ideas, along with photos and more. Many of these are easily grown and can be ornamental as well as great edibles. This will be a really useful book helping extend the range of food plants for gardeners.

Martin Crawford, Agroforestry Research Trust

Book title Around The World in 80 Plants: an edible perennial vegetable adventure for temperate climates
Author Stephen Barstow
ISBN 9781856231411
Page count 304
Binding Paperback

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