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The Environmental and Civilization Crisis and the Permaculture Alternative

An exploration of our current unsustainable world and how permaculture can create a positive, solution-based alternative.

This book deals with the greatest problem in the world today.

On these pages, the reader will find a discussion on the origins of our unsustainability, its many causes and characteristics, and why it is the gravest problem in the world, the one which threatens to wipe out humanity and complex life on planet Earth in a true apocalypse caused not by the anger of gods, but by our own stupidity – an outcome that may be closer than most dare imagine.

The good news is that it doesn’t have to be like that! In the second part of the book, we present the permaculture proposition – the necessary revolution that will allow us to inhabit this beautiful planet virtually forever, living fully meaningful lives, protecting and helping nature recover from the damage we’ve been inflicting it. This book contains more than a collection of informations, necessary reflections and useful techniques – it brings an invitation to all who care about the future of humankind and life in general, for us to stop living as parasites on this planet and become true champions of the Earth, in the building of a healthier, fairer, truly sustainable world.

Book title The Environmental and Civilization Crisis and the Permaculture Alternative
Author Cássio P. Octaviani

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