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Sustainability and Ecology at the ZEGG Community

An unmissable overview of the achievements of a truly groundbreaking eco-community in Germany, covering green building techniques, community life and permaculture growing

This eBook is bursting with years of knowledge divined at ZEGG, the Centre for Experimental Cultural Design in some 80 km south-west of Berlin, Germany. In its pages, Ecker reviews a huge number of techniques for living, building and growing sustainability, drawing on permaculture and wider environmental principles. He includes information on forest gardening, soil conservation and restoration, integrating animals into permacultural systems, installing green roofs and compost toilets, converting cars to run on vegetable oils, earth building, natural insulation techniques and more besides! There's also a new addendum detailing the New Energy Plan for ZEGG, including thermal solar power and woodchip combined heat and power. The author welcomes enquiries at achim.ecker (AT) zegg.de

Book title Sustainability and Ecology at the ZEGG Community
Author Achim Ecker
Page count 37
Binding pdf

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