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Ideal for those wanting to teach children how to set up vegetable gardens, how to grow food and future sustainability.

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Outdoor Classrooms is ideal for teachers and home educators who want to incorporate outdoor education at all levels of the school curriculum, with an emphasis on setting up vegetable gardens, teaching children about growing food, economic concerns, human and planetary health and future sustainability.

Beautifully illustrated throughout, Outdoor Classrooms is presented as two streams of thought. Carolyn takes through the history of school gardens and articulates the need for a revival before leading our journey into the fanciful; a schoolyard to fire and child's imagination and delight in the natural world. Janet then offers a comprehensive and practical plan for developing a school garden.

Book title Outdoor Classrooms: a handbook for school gardens
Author Carolyn Nuttall and Janet Millington
ISBN 9781856231138
Page count 168
Binding Paperback

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