Organic Permaculture Hoodie

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Permaculture Magazine's very own hoodies made from super-soft, certified organic cotton.

We're offering these luxurious hoodies for just £30.00 (RRP £40.00)

The organic cotton permaculture hoodie.

Wear the permaculture ethics on a warm, certified organic cotton hoodie, and share the permie message.

Part of the profits help Permaculture Magazine to support permaculture projects worldwide.

We're offering these luxurious hoodies for just £30.00 (RRP £40.00)


These hoodies have been made by our close neighbours and friends at Rapanui (, whose purpose is to redesign the clothing industry. Through design and technology they are making clothing more sustainable.

About Rapanui

Rapanui hail from the Isle of Wight in the UK, and they started the company in 2008 in a garden shed with £200 and an ambition. Their tshirts and products are made from sustainable materials like Organic Cotton. Most of their work in the first few years was to help customers understand where clothing comes from and how it's made. You can scan the code inside every product they make and find out more info about its origins.

They also believe that the future of fashion is a circular economy, so when you're done, you can send old products back to them and cash in the material for store credit.

Their factory is supplied by renewable energy, and they have developed advanced manufacturing techniques to massively reduce waste, improving efficiencies that are making sustainable fashion increasingly competitive.

As well as being a Global Organic Textile Standard certified company, independent auditors inspect their overseas supply chain for a wide range of social and sustainability criteria. They don't just rely on audits, they visit factories personally.

They also believe that more sustainable clothing should be accessible to anyone. The problems concern all of us, and consumers and businesses must work together to solve the problems in the world. So they asked "what we can do to make our supply chain more accessible"?. As well as printing certified organic t-shirts in bulk for other brands, they are also developing new cloud-based technologies for startups to access their supply chain. What took Rapanui ten years now takes the next generation of brands 10 minutes at

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