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Hot Smoker & Roaster Accessory Set

Hot Smoker & Roaster Accessory Set for use in cast iron casseroles.

This item is now only available for delivery after Christmas 2020.

In stock
In stock

Hot Smoker & Roaster Accessory Set for use in Netherton Foundry Cast Iron Casserole 

Hot smoke and cook your favourite foods at home on your hob top. A great way of adding natural flavour to fish, duck, chicken, cheeses etc. Also perfect for roasting chestnuts.
The set comprises:
Spun iron smoker dish. Perforated to allow smoke to permeate the food. 
Spun iron smoke chip tray.                                                                                                                        
Smoke flavouring chips to get you started. Untreated oak chips, locally sourced, enough for 6 uses.
Ideal for gas or electric hobs, ovens, ranges and outdoor cooking on flames including the Cast Iron BBQ Hob but we don't recommend use on induction hobs.
Made by Netherton Foundry in Shropshire.
3 litre (5pt), 198mm (7.75in) base diameter, 255mm (10.1in) high inc handle.

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