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Guide to Setting Up Your Own Edible Rooftop Garden

After five seasons of gardening and experimenting, the Rooftop Garden project team is happy to share the fruits of its labor with you. The Guide to Setting up Your Own Edible Rooftop Garden comes from our wish to see new gardens and partners take root in the fertile soil of Montreal but also in other parts of the world.

A free, practical guide to creating your own urban growing space, published by the Rooftop Garden Project in Montreal. Includes how to make containers with water reservoirs, how to build an ingenious self watering system, and how to link water butts together. Highly recommended. (verticalveg.org.uk)

A step-by-step guide to creating your own rooftop garden. For groups, individuals and establishments that would like to create an urban edible rooftop garden for educational, social, therapeutic or environmental reasons. Six chapters cover the main factors to consider: project definition, choice of site, setting up the garden, coordination of gardening activity, health choices and a detailed technical guide on rooftop container gardening, plus annexes with descriptions of Rooftop Garden Project gardens and additional information. (flutrackers.com)

Sourced from City Farmer News (http://www.cityfarmer.info)

Book title Guide to Setting Up Your Own Edible Rooftop Garden
Author Contributing Authors: Amélie Germain, Benjamin Grégoire, Ismaël Hautecoeur, lRotem Ayalon and André Bergeron
Page count 80
Binding pdf

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