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Designing Productive Meetings & Events

The central proposal in this manual is that meetings and events can be greatly improved in terms of productivity and enjoyment by the use of simple methods. These can be used on their own or assembled into meeting and event designs. The manual presents a collection of such methods, known as 'inclusive meeting methods'.

Meetings and events make up a significant part of the activities of any organisation or group. And yet such meetings and events are often unsatisfactory, absorbing large amounts of time and resource with little positive output. By carefully planning the structure in advance, it is possible to achieve more at even the most routine meeting.

This manual is the result of the work of the South Oxfordshire Agenda 21 Facilitators Network. The Network was formed in July 1997, to train local residents to run whole day visioning workshops for local communities. It quickly became apparent that we did not have to wait until the end of the course to put our new skills into practice. We began to use the techniques we were learning for groupwork and meetings within our own lives. From youth events and environment groups to scientific research meetings, we found we had a portfolio of methods at our finger tips that people enjoyed using and that got results.

Book title Designing Productive Meetings & Events: How to Increase Participation & Enjoyment
Author Local Agenda 21 South Oxfordshire
Page count 54
Binding PDF

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