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Chillington Standard Hoes - light, ridging, digging and trenching (Trenching hoe currently out of stock)

Made from forged steel by one of the largest hoe producers in the world, these are high quality tools which should last a lifetime. Hoes are supplied as heads only or come with separate handles.

UK MAINLAND ONLY (Excludes Highlands, Islands and Northern Island)

In stock

Baby Hoe - A baby hoe for light narrow trenching.
Weight: 500gms (1.0lb), Width: 100mm (3.9in), Depth: 165mm (6.5in)

Canterbury Fork - A three pronged fork for light cultivation, weeding and top soil preparation.
Weight: 680gms (1.5lb), Width: 115mm (4.5in), Depth: 190mm (7.5in)

Ridging Hoe - Useful hoe for all ridging work, earthing up potatoes and preparing seed beds.
Weight: 800gms (1.75lb), Width: 175mm (6.9in), Depth: 175mm (6.9in

Light Hoe - A good horticultural hoe, ideal for lighter cultivation and weeding.
Weight: 680gms (1.5lb), Width: 150mm (5.9in),Depth: 150mm (5.9in)

Trenching Hoe - A solid hoe, ideal for heavy cultivation, for opening drainage channels and a wide range of cultivation.
Weight: 800gms (1.75lb), Width: 165mm (6.5in), Depth: 215mm (8.5in)

UK MAINLAND ONLY (Excludes Highlands, Islands and Northern Island)

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