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The Visionary Spirt is an exploration of how humanity needs to transform spiritually to reach more harmonious and creative ways of living with the Earth.

The Unselfish Spirit explores how the human race can collectively grow our consciousness to solve the challenges threatening our Earth. It shows pathways to evolving entirely new ways of living creatively and harmoniously as a species.

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The Visionary Spirit offers a vision of hope which points to a new era of emancipatory living that Mick Collins calls the Transformocene Age. In a masterfully crafted manual, Mick Collins draws on the wisdom and knowledge of the imaginal realm, where dreams, myth and synchronicity help us to re-align to the natural world and to our innate wholeness. He describes a transformative process, from the Anthropocene and our current scale of planetary destruction, to a new era of wisdom and balance.

Drawing inspiration from diverse fields such as the sacred feminine, indigenous wisdom, daimons and near-death experiences, this book is enlivened by fascinating, real-life stories of people who have engaged in deep processes of psycho-spiritual change. The Visionary Spirit is a radical manifesto for soulful and creative living. At the end of each chapter there is an exercise, providing opportunities for experiential reflection, aiding the reader on their personal journey.


The Unselfish Spirit is an essential 21st century guide to unlocking the secrets of how we as a race can collectively grow our consciousness to solve the complex web of challenges that threaten life on Earth. As a species, we are at a tipping point in our evolutionary journey, exacerbated by worsening ecological conditions. We have been treating the Earth as an object to be exploited, and have consequently cut ourselves off from evolving cooperatively with Nature.

We have to find new ways of doing, knowing and being so that we can live in harmony with all life. In this fascinating blend of meticulously researched theory with direct experience, Mick Collins identifies how our global crisis is also a spiritual one. He suggests that the cultivation of our psycho-spiritual awareness can reveal new vistas, helping us engage in our transformative potential, both individually and collectively.

Book title The Visionary Spirit & The Unselfish Spirit
Author Mick Collins
ISBN 9781856232203

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