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Beekeeping Simple and Natural

Learn how to keep bees naturally, without spending lots of money on equipment. Great for beginners.

What is 'natural' or 'balanced' beekeeping, and why is there such a growing interest in this method of keeping bees? 

The author of The Barefoot Beekeeper explains the reasoning behind his philosophy of beekeeping and shows how absolute beginners can start keeping bees without having to spend a lot of money on equipment. 

"Exactly how the honeybee evolved as a social creature and developed its remarkable ability to live co-operatively in huge groups remains a mystery. The observable fact is that they do so live, and this is what we are interested in: the actual behaviour of the honeybee colony as a collective, co-operative, highly successful, multi-component yet amazingly co-ordinated 'creature' that is entirely independent of man but now largely under our influence, playing a vital role in the production of some of our most valued foods, and exerting a remarkable degree of selection over many of the flowers that bloom in our gardens and natural landscapes."

Book title Beekeeping Simple and Natural
Author Phil Chandler
Page count 155
Binding PDF

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