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A range of tools, such as the permaculture design web and cultural emergence, to guide us into a new lease of life, protecting the earth and each other.

How can you apply Permaculture Design, Cultural Emergence and the Design Web to what you are passionate about? What are you passionate about? 

This eBook is a game that can be played a thousand ways, its a gate or bridge for you into a deeper level of your life. Being a conscious designer of your world is the key to unlocking possibilities and manifesting your highest vision for what you want to do and where you want to do it. Consider this an opportunity to adventure deeper into your world and take your practice to the next level.

This book springs from a program with Looby Macnamara and Peter Cow at Applewood in Herefordshire, United Kingdom. This transformational experience was both empowering and evolutionary, giving those lucky enough to attend a new lease on life and the opportunity to think in a new way about ourselves and what is possible with the time we have here on this precious planet.

To join Looby's summer cultural emergence course, visit: www.applewoodcourses.com/uk_courses/cultural-emergence-summer-intensive

Book title Applewood Adventure
Author Looby Macnamara
Page count 101
Binding PDF

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