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Antares Copper Fork *OUT OF STOCK*

Antares copper (bronze) border fork. A sturdy garden fork with high-grade bronze tines.

UK ONLY - Price includes UK P&P. Sent direct from supplier.

In stock
In stock

For breaking up soil without moving huge clods of earth, lifting potatoes or carrying light fibrous materials and manure, a border fork is the preferred tool for many gardeners and the Antares fork is just the job. The head is of high-grade work-hardened bronze, designed to stand up the the stresses that any border fork is subjected to. The shaft is steam-bent ash, with a beech T-handle.

PKS bronze tool heads are hand made of solid bronze (copper with a little bit of tin) by a smithy in Hungary. The handles are from European hardwoods: ash, beech and lime.

Although they may look like works of art, these are hardworking tools, designed for strength not looks.The tool heads carry a no-quibble, 25-year guarantee (excluding normal wear and tear) and the handles have a two-year guarantee. The advantages are: they don’t rust; they have sharp edges; they are hardwearing and will last for years; the metal is known to deter slugs and snails; they slice into the soil and come out clean.

Overall: 1080mm (40in)Width: 165mm (6.5in), Weight: 1650g (58oz) 

UK ONLY - Price includes UK P&P. Sent direct from supplier.

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