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Bon Bagay: Permaculture, Abundance and Autonomy

An illustrated guide introducing permaculture and various simple solutions for self-sufficiency, such as compost toilets, rocket stoves, swales and fruit dehydrators.

This illustrated guide is the culmination of immersive permaculture in Haiti.

A selection of solutions have been gathered into this handy and easy to use guide, including:

  • Hot composting
  • Compost toilets
  • Swales
  • Banana circles
  • Fruit dehydrator
  • and more

These simple solutions are to guide communities across the world into including permaculture principles into their lives, to live more sustainably and to help become more self-sufficient.

Book title Bon Bagay: Permaculture, Abundance and Autonomy
Author Bora Permacultura
Page count 24
Binding PDF

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